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Amos Zittel & Sons, Inc. is a supplier of Ball Floraplant, Selecta, Oglevee Geraniums and Ivies, Calliope Dark Red, Crimson Flame, Hot Pink and Lavender Rose, and now adding Pinched  & Pre-Cooled Regal Geraniums and Big EZEE Geraniums . In addition, we root Fantastic Foliage, Fuchsia, Spike, Sprengeri, Vinca, misc. other open items and  Ball Floraplant Simply Beautiful and Selecta Vegetative Spring Plants. Geraniums are grown in a 30 mm Elle Pot (4 week crop time) or 40 mm Elle pot (6 week crop time). Fuchsia is double pinched, extra-large and grown for 6 weeks in a 40 mm Elle Pot. All vegetative spring plants are grown in 30 mm Elle Pots with a low minimum of 26 per variety. The Ball Floraplant proprietary items are only available through your Ball Salesperson and the Selecta, Oglevee and other misc. items are available through your Ball, Eason, Griffin, McHutchison or Vaughan Salesperson, or you may contact us to assist you in your ordering. 716-649-6340 or email

Geranium in 40 mm Elle Pot – 6 weeks old

Beautiful, Beefy, Double Pinched Fuchsia

Low Minimums Available for 2018!

Ball Floraplant Simply Beautiful, Selecta, Fantastic Foliage and Flowers and other Misc items

  • 26 per variety minimum-18 strips of 26 plants/box; packed 468 plants per box – Minimum 1 box shipped fed Ex or larger quantities shipped by truck in cardboard stackable truck trays or racks.

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Continuing this year:  Regal Geraniums Pinched and Pre-Cooled, Begonia Bossa Nova and Megawatt, Canna Cannanova, Phlox Gisele, Calliope Dark Red Medium and Large,  Burgandy, Crimson Flame, Hot Pink and Lavender Rose Interspecific Geraniums, Lobularia Yolo  & Passionara, Oglevee  Big Ezee & Brocades “Nights”. 

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Choose from the Following Varieties:


Ball Floraplant Simply Beautiful- Exclusive to Ball

Vegetative 30 mm Elle 26/Variety

Angelonia AngelMist –Dk Purple Sprd, Pink Sprd, White Sprd, Blue Bird Sprd NEW

Angelonia Archangel

Cherry Red, Blue Bcol, Dk Purple, Pink, Raspberry, White

Argyranthemum Madeira-Crest.Merlot, Crest.Pink Hot, Crest. Violet,

Crest. Yellow, Deep Pink, Red, White

Bacopa Abunda– Giant White

Bacopa MegaCopa– Blue, Blue Sky, Pink , White, White Versa

Bidens –Bee Alive, Sunbeam, Sun Drop Comp, Sun Drop Ipd.

Calibrachoa Cabaret – Blue Sky, Brt Red, Coral Kiss, Dp Blue, Dp Ylw,

Hot Pink, Lavender, Lemon Yellow, Light Pink,

Mango Tango, Orange, Pink NEW, Pink Lt Kiss NEW, Pink Star, Purple,

Purple Heart NEW,Rose, Rose Kiss NEW, White

Calibrachoa Can-Can – Bumble Bee NEW, Magenta Kiss, Neon Pnk,

Pk Flamingo, Rd Splash, Terracotta

Calibrachoa Conga –Blue Dark, Lavender, Orange Kiss, Pink, Red, Rose,

Rose Kiss,Sunset Kiss NEW


Campfire, Coleosaurus, Electric Lime, Florida Sun Rose,

French Qtr, Henna, Indian Summer, Inferno, Lava Rose,

Marq. Specl Effcts, Redhead, Ruby Slipper, Trusty Rusty, Vino, Wasabi

Coleus Flame Thrower-Chilli Pepp, Chipotle, Habanero, Salsa Verde NEW, Spiced Curry

Diascia Juliet– Pink NEW, Red, Rose NEW, White NEW

Euphorbia Breathless-Blush, White

Impatiens Double Fiesta Bonita

Burgundy, Cherry, Pink, Rose, Salmon, Stardust Lavender, White

Impatiens Double Fiesta

Appleblossom, Burgundy, Dp Orange, Lav Orchid NEW, Pink Ruffle,

Purple, Salsa Red, Sparkler Cherry, Sparkler Hot Pink,

Stardust Pink, Stardust Purple, Sunrise Red, White

Impatiens Exotic Fusion-Glow Yellow, Heat Coral

Impatiens Exotic Patchwork

Cosmic Burgundy, Cosmic Orange, Peach Prism, Pink Shades

Impatien New Guinea Celebration

Apricot, Deep Red, Electric Rose, Icy Blue, Lav Glow, Orange, Pink, Purple,

Purple Star, Rose Star, Salmon Bright, Tropical Peach, White

Impatien New Guinea Celebrette

Appleblossom, Cherry Stripe, Frost,Grape Crush,

Hot Pink, Lavender, Lt Coral, Org Crush, Org Stripe Ipd,

Orchid Star, Red, Salmon Frost, Strawberry Star

Impatiens New Guinea – Appleblossom, Orange, Orange Stripe, Pink Star

Purple, Red, White

Impatien New Guinea Harmony

Candy Cream, Dark Lilac, Dark Pink, Deep Magenta, Deep Salmon, Dark Red,

Dark Violet, Fuchsia Cream, Magenta, Orange Blaze, Perfect Pink NEW, Pink Cream,

Radiance Pk, Raspberry Cream, Salmon, Snow, Violet

Ipomoea Solar Power-Black NEW , Lime Ipd NEW, Red

Ipomoea Solar Towers –Black NEW, Lime NEW

Ipomoea Spotlight-Black, Lime, Red NEW

Lantana Bloomify –Red NEW, Rose NEW

Lantana Landmark –Citrus, Gold, Peach Snrse, Rose Glow, Rose Sunrise NEW, White, Yellow

Lantana Ltl Lucky

Lemon Cream, Orange, Peach Glow, Pink Hot, Pot of Gold, Red

Lantana Lucky-Flame, Lavender, Lemon Glow, Peach, Pot of Gold,

Pure Gold, Red, Rose Sunrise, White, Yellow

Lobelia Early Springs-Blue Sky, Dark Blue, Lav Pink, Magenta, White

Lobelia Waterfall-Blue, Purple, White Blush

Lobularia Passionaria – Bordeaux, Purple White, Purple Dark, White NEW

Mecardonia-Little Sunshine

Nemesia Aromatica-Rose Pink, Royal Blue, White

Osteospermum – Blue Eyed Beauty, Blushing Beauty NEW

Osteospermum Serenity

Bronze, Dark Purple, Deep Yellow, Lemonade, Pink, Red, Rose Magic, White

Osteospermum Voltage-White, Yellow

Petunia Vegetative-Black Magic, Cascadias Indian Summer,

Cha-Ching Cherry, Lime Light, Phantom, Pinstripe, Rhythm and Blues

Petunia Cascadias –Blue Omri, Iceberg, Passion, Purple Diamond, Red Lips NEW

Petunia ColorRush –Ameythst, Bl Stardst, Blue Ocean, Blue Sky, Blue Vein

Bluerific, Lav Shade, Pkceptionl, Purple, Redtastic, Rs Stardst, Snowy White, Yellow NEW

Petunia ColorRush-Blue, Pink NEW, Pink Vein NEW

Petunia Double Wave

Blue Vein, Blue Velvet, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, White

Petunia Flash Mob

Bluerific, Magentacular, Pinkceptional, Redtastic Ipd

Petunia Sun Spun – Yellow NEW

Petunia Trailing Suncatcher –Blue Burst, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Midnight Blue,

Plum Burst, Purple Rose, Red, Rose Vintage, White, Yellow Ipd

Purslane-Fairytale Cinderella

Purslane RioGrande-Magenta, Orange, Scarlet, Yellow, White

Salvia- Mystic Spires Ipd NEW, Mysty NEW

SalviaSPguar-Black & Bloom

Scaevola-Blue Fan, Bondi Blue, Bondi White, White Sparkle

Verbena Aztec

Blue Velvet, Burg Wink, Coral, Dark Red, Magenta Magic,

Orchid Magic, Pink, Plum Magic, Purple Magic Ipd, Rd Magic, Rd Velvet,

Silver Magic, Violet, Violet Wink, White, White Magic, Wild Rose

Verbena EnduraScape-Blue Ipd NEW, Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Magenta,

Pink Bicol, Purple Ipd, Red, White Blush

Selecta Material

Vegetative 30mm Elle 26/Variety

Angelonia Angelina – Dark Purple, Pink, White

Argyranthemum Madeira-Deep Pink, Red, White, Crested Violet

Bacopa Falls  Big-Dark Blue, Dark Pink 17, Pearl, Summer Blue, White

Bidens – Namid Special Yellow

Bract Mohave– Bskt Yellow, Dk Red 17, Dk Rose 17, Purple Red, Orange, White, Yellow

Calib Mini Famous Double Comp-Close Up, White

Calib Minifamous– Lt Pink Eye, Orange,  Vampire

Calib MiniFamous Compact-Blue, Dk Blue, Dk Red, Hot Pink,

   Pink, Purple, Red, Safran 17, Salmon Red Eye, White

Calib MiniFamous Double-Amethyst, Apricot, Blue, Deep Yellow,

   Lemon, Magenta, Pink 17, Pink Vein, Purple, Silver Blue NEW

Calib MiniFamous Neo-Apricot Red Eye, Blue Lt, Cherry Red,

   Coral Red Eye, Dp Yellow, Lavender Blue, Orange Red Eye,

   Pink,  Pink Strike NEW, Purple, Rose, Royal Blue , Salmon Pink Eye,  Vampire NEW,

   Violet Eye, White,  White Yellow Eye, Yellow, Yellow Red Vein

Calibrachoa StarShine-Apricot, Cherry, Pink, Violet NEW

Euphorbia Loreen-White Comp

Gaura Lind Belleza-Comp Light Pink, Dark Pink, White Ipd NEW

Heliotrope-Marino Blue

Impatiens Big Bounce-Cherry, Lav, Lilac, Pink, Red, Violet, White

Impatiens Bounce-Bt Coral, Cherry, Lilac, Pink Flame, Violet 17, White

Lobelia Magadi-Bskt Dk Blue, Bskt Dk Purple, Bskt White,

   Cmp Blue, Cmp Blue Eye, Cmp Dk Blue, Cmp Ppl, Cmp White,

Blue, Dk Blue, Electric Blue, Electric Purple,  Indigo Blue, White

Osteo 4D-Berry White, Lemon Ice, Pink, Purple,  Sunburst NEW, Violet Ice, Yellow

Osteo FlowerPower Compact– Lt Pink, Silver Purple, White, Yellow

Osteo FlowerPower-Dk Purple, Lavender Pink, Pink , Pink Eye,

   Purple Red, Violet, White, Spider Pink, Spider Purple , Spider White

Petunia Headliner-Blue, Bnan Cherry Swirl NEW,  Blueberry Swirl NEW,

   Cherry  Star NEW, Dk Violet Picotee, Elec. Org, Elec. Purple, Fire, Lemon,  Lipstick NEW,

  Pink Sky NEW, Pink Star,  Pink Vein, Rasp Swirl NEW, Rasp Star,  Red Star, Red,

   Sky Blue, Violet Dark Eye, White, White Rose Vein, Yellow

Petunia Vegetative– Night Sky, Ragtime Ipd NEW

Petunia Veg. Famous-Apricot Sorbet, Berry Sorbet

Petunia Veg. Main Stage – Blue Lt, Blueberry,Pk Hot, Pk Vein, Violet, White NEW

Petunia Vegetative Starlet-Blue, Burgundy, Carmine Star, Dark Pink,

   Lav Star, Lt Blue, Magenta, Orange, Pink Lemonade, Purple Star,

   Red, Salmon NEW, Salmon Red Vein, Velvet, White, Yellow

Petunia Vegetative SweetSunshine-Burgundy, Hot Pink,

   Lt Pink, Provence, Purple Pcot, Red, Violet Vein

Phlox Gisele-Hot Pink, Lt Pink, Lt Violet, Pink, White

Pursland PortoGrande – Raspberry Lemonade NEW

Sanvitalia Tsavo-Yellow Comp

Scaevola Fairy-Blue, Pink, White

Verbena BeBop-Lavender, Pink

Verbena Lascar– Black Velvet ,Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Pink, Dark Red,

   Dark Violet, Hot Rose, Magenta, Mango Org, Pink, Red, Red Rose, Salmon NEW, White

Geraniums Zonal, Ivy, IS – 30 & 40 mm Elle 50/Variety

Ball Floraplant Zonal & Ivy Geraniums-Exclusive to Ball

Allure – Coral Hot, Lilac Chiffon, Pink Lightt, Pink Sizzle,

   Purple Rose, Red True, Salmon, Scarlet, Tangerine, White

Fantasia – Appleblossm, Card Rd, Coral, Crnbry Szzle, Flamgo Rose,

   Neon Rose, Pink, Pink Shell, Ppl Sizzle, Rd Dk, Rsbry Twizzle,

   Salmon, Scarlet , Shocking Pk, Strbry Sizzle, Violet, White

Dynamo – Pink Lt, Purple, Raspbry Sizzle,  Red,

   Red Dk, Salmon Dk, Salmon, Scarlet, Violet, White Ipd

Presto – Brilliant Red, Dk Rd Ipd, Fuchsia Dk, Pink, Pink Eye, Pink Sizzle,

 Rose Sizzle, Salmon Dark, Salmon Lt, Scarlet Dp Ipd, Violet, White

Precision – Burgundy Ice Ipd, Burgundy Dk, Burgundy, Lav Blue, Pk Flamingo NEW,

Pink Lt, Pink, Rd Ice, Ruby, Salmon Dark, Scarlet Rd, White Rd Eye Ipd

Focus– Burgundy, Pink Ht,  Red NEW, Red Ice, Rose

Selecta Zonal & Ivy Geraniums

Marcada – Magenta, Pink, Red Dark NEW

Moonlight – Brilliant Red,  Coral NEW, Cran Blush NEW, Fuchsia Dk, Lav, Pink,

Pink Eye,  Pink Lt Eye NEW, Dk Red, Rsbry Blush, Salm Light, Salmon Dk,

Scarlet Red NEW, Strbry Blush, Violet, White

Sunrise – Fuchsia, Lilac Bright, Orange, Pink Hot,

   Pink Big Eye NEW, Pink Lt,  Pink Red Eye NEW, Red Bright, Red Dk,

   Salmon, Scarlet Bright, White

Royal –  Amethyst, Blue, Brilliant Red, Burgundy Dk 18, Candy Cane,

  Dk Burgundy, Dk Salmon, Lavender NEW, Pink, Pink Lt, Purple Red NEW, Red Dk, Salmon,

  Scarlet Red, White Red Eye

Royal Comp– Candy Cane, Pink, Red, Salmon, White NEW

Dummen & Oglevee Zonal, Ivy and

Novelty Geraniums 

Candy Idols– Bright Red, Rose Splash

Maestro Idols– Bt Red, Cherry, Coral, Deep Rd, Lt Pink Parfait,

  Neon Violet, Pink Parfait, Rd, Salmon, Sassy Dark Red, Violaceous, White

Patriot – Berry Parfait, Bright Pink, Bright Red, Bright Violet,

   Cherry Rose, Cranberry Red, Evening Glow, Lav Blue, Orange,

Papaya, Pink Soft, Red, Rose Pink, Salmon, Salmon Chic,

   Salmon Frills, Tickled Pink, Violet Bright, Watermelon, White

Brocade-Catalina, Cherry Night, Fire, Fire Night, Mrs Pollack,

   Salmon Night, Vancouver Centennial, Wilhelm Langguth

Citronella -30 mm only

Minicascade – Lavender, Pink, Red

Global -Burgundy, Innov Ruby Twist, Innov StrsStrps, Lavender,

   Red, Rose Pink, Royal White

Dummen IS – Big EZEE– Dk Red, Fuchsia Blue, Neon, Pink

Regal Elegance (Pinched and Pre-Cooled)– Appleblossom, Bravo, Burgundy,

   Cherry Blush, Choco, Claret, Crystal Rose, Ht Pnk Blush,

   Imperial, Lt Lav Splash, Lilac Majesty, Lilac Sachet,  Ppl Majesty

   Red Velvet, Rose Bicolor, Royalty White

Misc – 30mm Elle

Alternanthera – Purple Knight

Argyranthemum Butterfly

Asparagus Sprengeri

Begonia – Big, Dragon Wing, Gryphon, Whopper

Begonia Bossa Nova-Ivory, Orange, Red, Rose, Yellow NEW

Begonia Megawatt-Pink Bronze Leaf NEW

Canna Cannova-Bronze Scarlet Bronze Lf, Mango, Orange Shades,

   Red Shades, Rose, Yellow NEW

Chenille – Firetail Double Pinched

Coleus Kong Jr -Green Halo, Lime Vein, Rose, Scarlet

Coleus Kong  – Mosaic, Red, Rose, Scarlet

Coleus Premium Sun- Choc. Covered Cherry, Chocolate Mint

Cuphea hyss Allyson

Dichondra– Emerald Falls, Silver Falls

Grass Carex-Red Rooster

Grass Isolepsis-Live Wire

Grass Juncus Color Grass – Blue Arrows

Grass Juncus Fuseables-Twisted Arrows

Hedera Helix– Glacier, Thorndale

Helichrysum– Silver Mist, Trailing Dusty Large

Impatiens Exotic SunPatiens® Compact-Coral Pink, Deep Rose,

   Electric Orange,  Fire Red, Hot Coral, Lilac, Neon Pink ,

   Pink, Pink Blush, Red, Royal Magenta, White

Impatien Exotic SunPatiens®  Spreading -Carmen Red, Clear Orange, Corona,

  Lavender, Pink Flash, Pink Shell,  Scarlet Red, White,  Clear White

Ipomoea– Blackie, Dwarf Marguerite, Rusty Red, Tricolor

Lamium– Jade Frost, Beacon Silver, White Nancy

Lobularia YOLO– Top Lavender, Top Purple, Top White

Lysimachia  – Goldilocks

Ornamental Pepper – Black Pearl, Calico

Plectranthus – Silver Shield, Variegatus

Spike – Dracaena Indivisa

Talinum Limon

Vinca Major Variegated

Fuchsia – Double Pinched 

40mm Elle     17/Variety

Fuchsia-Autumnale, Bella Rosella, Blue Eyes, Dark Eyes,

   Dollar Princess, Gartenmeister, Giant Dp Purple,

   Firecracker, Lena, Lynn Ellen, Marinka, New Millennium,

   Paula Jane, Southgate, Starry Trails, Swingtime

Fuchsia Bellinto-Red+Blue, Red+White, Comp Red+Violet,

   Comp. Red+White

Syngenta Interspecfic Geraniums **

**Grown in 30 mm only

Calliope Medium-Crimson Flame, Dark Rd, Hot Pnk, Lavender Rose, Pink Flame

Calliope Large-Dk Red, Pink

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