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Amos Zittel & Sons, Inc. is a supplier of Ball Floraplant, Selecta, Syngenta, and Dummen Geraniums and Ivies, and Pinched  & Pre-Cooled Regal Geraniums.  In addition, we root many Spring Garden, Fuchsia, Spike, Sprengeri, Vinca – over 1800 items.  Geraniums are grown in a 30 mm Elle Pot (4 week crop time) or 40 mm Elle pot (6 week crop time). Fuchsia is double pinched, extra-large and grown for 6 weeks in a 40 mm Elle Pot. All vegetative spring plants are grown in 30 mm Elle Pots with a low minimum of 26 per variety. The Ball Floraplant proprietary items are only available through your Ball Salesperson and the Syngenta, Selecta, Dummen and other misc. items are available through your Ball, BFG, Eason, Griffin, Michell’s, McHutchison or Vaughan Salesperson, or you may contact us to assist you in your ordering at 716-649-6340 or email

Click here  to view a PDF of the Zittel Rooted Liner presentation.


Geranium in 40 mm Elle Pot – 6 weeks old


Beautiful, Beefy, Double Pinched Fuchsia


Begonia Dragone, I’conia, Solenia, Rhine and Amstel New for 2025!

Rooted liners are available for truck delivery, pickup or maybe shipped via Fed Ex in the boxes shown below:

  • 26 per variety minimum-18 strips of 26 plants/box; packed 468 plants per box for Spring Plants, 12 Strips for taller material like Geraniums; packed 312 plants per box.  Minimum 1 box shipped Fed Ex or larger quantities shipped by truck in plastic stackable trays or on racks.


packing rooted liners
Packing rooted liners

Click below for our complete liner listings:

Zittel’s Rooted Liner PDF List – Including Ball Exclusive Items

Ball Seed Catalog Edition 3

Ball Seed Annual Catalog

 Zittel’s Rooted Liner PDF List –


Annual Catalog Edition 2

Annual Catalog




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Ball Horticultural Company

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Ball Colorlink

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Eason Horticultural Resources

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Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies

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