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Enjoy a stroll through our NEW greenhouse on Webster Rd to see the beautiful finished crop we are currently shipping. Pictures taken May 12, 2016.

Spring Finished Plants Library

 3.5 Inch Pot   (20 per tray)

Green Vinca   Spike Sprengeri Fern Geranium, zonal 
3-vinca 2 Spike Sprengeri Geraniums 3 inch

4.5 Inch Pot   (12 per tray) 

 Burpee Herbs and Vegetables Ageratum – vegetative  Alternanthera    Angelonia
Burpee1 Ageratum 4 inch Alternanthera 4 Angelonia 4
 Argyranthemum  Bacopa  Begonia,
Dragon Wing
  Begonia, Non Stop
Argyranthemum Bacopa Dragon Wing 3 non stop
Begonia, Whopper   Bidens, Golden  Bracteantha, “Strawflower” Calibrachoa 
Begonia Whopper  Bidens Gold Bracteantha strawflower  Calibrachoa
  Coleus  Cordyline Cuphea   Diascia
Kong Coleus Cordyline 4 Cuphea 4 inch diascia
Dichondra, Emerald Falls  Dichondra, Silver Falls  Euphorbia,
White or Blush 
Dichondra Emerald silver_falls_dichondra.r Euphorbia 4 fuchsia
 Geranium, zonal Gerbera Daisy  Grape Tomatoes  Grasses, assorted 
Picture 009 Gerbera Daisy Tomato Coir 4 Picture 210 
Guara   Hedera Ivy Heliotrope    Impatiens, Double
 Guara 4 2 Hedera Ivy Heliotrope Non Stop Begonia
New Guinea
Impatiens, Sunpatiens   Lamium Lantana 
Impatiens New Guinea Impatiens Sunpatiens Lamium Lantana 4 
 Lobelia Lobularia  Lysimachia   Mecardonia
Lobelia 4 Lobularia 4 Lysmachia Mecardonia (Gold DUst Plant) 
 Nemesia Ornamental Peppers  Osteospermum  Petunia, vegetative 
nemesia Ornamental Peppers Osteo 4 Petunia-1
 Phlox  Plectranthus Portulaca  Salvia 
Phlox Plectranthis 4 Portulaca 4  Salvia 
Scaevola   Sweet Potato Vine  Talium Limon  Torenia 
scaevola 4 sweet potatoe  Talium Limon Torenia   
Trailing Dusty  Verbena  Zinnia 
Helichrysum - Licorice Plant  Verbena 4 Zinnia

1 Gallon Pot

with Trellis
 Morning Glory  Patio Tomato  Thunbergia
 IMG_2885 IMG_1125 terry;s camera sept2014 460

 8 Inch Pot

Canna  Colocasia  Mandevilla
w/ Bamboo Trellis
canna  6-colocasia Mandavilla 2 

10 Inch Baskets

Bacopa Begonia,
Dragon Wing 
 Boston Fern 
Bacopa  Dragon Wing Begonia Picture 083 ferns 
 Bracteantha, “Strawflower” Chenille  Calibrachoa
“Million Belles Petunia” 
 Bract basket 1 Chenille Firetail Picture 062 Fuchsia 
zonal with vinca
Ivy Geranium Impatiens, Double    Impatiens 
IMG_1133 Geranium, Ivy.use  Double Impatiens.use Impatiens
Lantana Lobelia   Lophospermum  Mandevilla
Lantana Basket 2 IMG_2928  IMG_2893  Mandevilla.use 
 New Guinea Impatiens Petunia, vegetative Portulaca   Scaevola
Picture 055  Petunnia.use1 Portulaca Scaevola1
Streptocarpella Thunbergia  Torenia
Streptocarpella terry;s camera sept2014 462 Picture 033  

6 Inch Specialty Pots

  Argyranthemum Begonia, Non Stop  Begonia, Reigor Begonia,
“Sparks Will Fly” (Burpee)
 6 argythamum  non stop  6 begonia Sparks will fly 6 2 
Citronella Colocasia Geranium Kong Coleus  
 Citronella  Colacasia 4 2 Ger6in kong coleus 
New Guinea Impatiens Osteospermum Regal Geranium Tropical Hibiscus
 6 New Guinea  6 osteo 6 martha  Tropical Hibiscus 6

 Specialty Pots

 10 Alstromeria : “Princess Lillies”  10″ Banana, color pot  Spring Garden Mix
12″ Shallow Container 16″ Oval Container
 12″ Vegetative Combo Hangers
Alstromeria  Picture 110  Spring Garden Mix iphone pics 080 
12″ Vegetative Combo Pots 12″ Fiber Pot Hanging Basket  Tropical Vine
2 gal. pot with trellis
Tropical Thunbergia
12 mixed cont  pet    terry;s camera sept2014 460
Passion Flower Mandevilla 12″ Lettuce Bowl  Geranium stock – 1 gallon pot
  IMG_2885 Lettuce Bowl Ger10in
Geranium Ivy Paks 6×6 Annual 806Paks  Vegetable 806 Paks 10″ Vegetable Basket
Tumbling Tom
ger6pak photo VegFlat  Tumbling Tom
10″ Everbearing Strawberry Basket Patio Grape Tomato – 10″ Color Pot  12″ Color Pot
Vegetable Garden
 Fruit Basket Patio Grape Tomato  Color Pot Veggie Garden